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Onkyo HTX-22HDX 2.1 HTIB

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Any thoughts on this 2.1 HTIB with the ability to add speakers if I decide to do 5.1 down the road?

I couldn't find much in the way of reviews, and it's only sold at J&R and Newegg from what I can tell. I did find this however and the user reviews were generally positive: http://hifi-homecinema.bestproductsr...cinema-review/ and http://www.reviewexplorer.com/review...cinema-system/

I've decided it's going to be difficult to do surround/rear speakers with the wiring so i'd like a discrete (and aesthetic if possible) 2.1 setup.

The piano black will match the rest of my components nicely (including my Piano Black Dell Zino HD HTPC).
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So I take it no one has any experience with this HTIB?
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For the price the Onkyo is probably great value but I'd rather get a something like the Denon DHT-590ba and then only hook up the front 3 speakers until you can afford the wireless rear surround kit by RocketFish to hool up the rear speakers

Heck speakers like the Energy Take Classic 5.1 or RC Micro 5.1 are in piano black and will sound better
Anyone with opinions on this unit? Just discovered it and am comparing to a Sony HTC150 sound bar.
Can anybody tell me if it would be possible for this unit to take an audio-less HDMI input (from a PC via a DVI to HDMI cable) and pair it up to one of the optical in jacks?

I'm looking for a way to hook up my PC to this unit without getting a new video card with HDMI built in. Would there be any potential sync issues?
Okay, I got the unit in and for the most part, it works great. One little niggle: I have my PC hooked up to the Onkyo via a DVI->HDMI cable. Audio from the PC is handled through optical (going into optical input 2 "DIG2" on the Onkyo).

With HDMI 1 selected, the Onkyo does not play audio from DIG2, but if I quickly scroll through the input to DIG2 (Digital 2, the optical connection to my PC), both HDMI image and sound is activated. Great! But when you select another HDMI source, then go back to the PC HDMI input, you have to go through and manually select DIG2 again to get audio.

Is there a way to tie the HDMI port the PC is connected to for video to DIG 2 for audio? I read through the manual and it said nothing about this. It also says playback of a PC signal possible, and that a separate audio link must be connected (exactly what I've done).
I'm not an expert by any means, and I haven't been exposed to too many systems, but it blows my Altec Lansing 251 5.1 computer speakers out of the water, despite being only 2.1. The benefit of going digital I guess
The mids and highs are very clear and doesn't distort unless you punch it up to 70 or 80.

Build quality is excellent for the sub, and ok for the speakers (high quality, but shiny, plastic). The whole package is bigger and heavier than I thought, that's a good thing!

The bass is probably the weak point, if I had to pick one. It rounds out the sound nicely and even throws some punch into action scenes, but one cannot really say they're groundshaking. Also doesn't help I use it in a room with carpet.

The on-screen menu is not as robust as I initially thought it would be. It does the job, but it doesn't have fancy features like naming the inputs etc. Plus there's the issue I mentioned above (a minor annoyance, but it does allow me to play my PC audio while playing PS3 if I so wished).

For a $300 system, it's excellent. I just wish the surround speakers (which brings the system to a full 5.1) were available in North America; I don't believe they are, and I would love to be proved wrong. I wholeheartedly recommend the system for those who live in apartments or as a bedroom system.
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Anyone using this on a PC at 1920X1200 (NOT 1080p) and HDMI sound? I have one of the newer card with audio on the HDMI, and want to make sure it'll pass the video at that res, before I buy.
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