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I have a basic GT210 card and I'm using the HDMI connection to my Onkyo amp.

I am finding that when a sound plays on the computer the onkyo loses signal for about 2-3 sec (same as changing input). However, here is the weirdness....

A constant sound stream is fine. It is a sound followed by silence that is the issue. Heres an example...

open a folder (click sound emmited) - blacks out 2-3 secs

about 5 seconds after that - blacks out 2-3 secs

open a folder (click sound emmited) - blacks out 2-3 secs


It is as if it is going in and out of 'sound mode' and causing the amp to rescan.

Its driving me bonkers. I have to open up TV or play a movie in the background just to be able to use the machine!!

It worked fine with a Xonar card, but that was DVI -> HDMI

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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