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Perhaps this AVS Forum category should be ammended to add video?

This can also do audio and photo but as a client to a PC, so I guess it qualifies, especially if the Roku is discussed here as well as in many other places. In general, these seem to be called Media Extenders?

Maybe "Media Extenders" should have their own category considering all the buzzz at CES?

News release today:

"MILPITAS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 26, 2004--Sigma Designs (Nasdaq:SIGM), a leader in digital media processing for consumer appliances, today announced that Onkyo, a leading audiovisual company providing products for the entire home entertainment network, launched its networked AV (audio/video) player, the NC-501V using Sigma's EM8550 media processor, in Japan. The NC-501V allows media libraries stored on the PC to be viewed in the living room on the TV. The player has the scalability to connect to multiple PCs and provide an easy Ethernet connection to transfer photos, video and audio, to the television.........................."

Full release at:


Front http://www.onkyo.com/jp/press/nc501v.jpg

Back http://www.onkyo.com/jp/press/nc501v_r.jpg

This is a product release in Japan, not the USA. However, perhaps it has a future here with a DVI/HDMI connector in place of the Japanese D4 video connector?

The price is around $260.00 in Japan.

I'd buy one in a heart beat.

This is from the Onkyo Japan site: (via translation)



NC-501V (W) W:White

At the オンキヨー corporation, the network AV player who can enjoy image and music and the photograph picture which are accumulated to the personal computer, in the TV picture of the living and the like: In late 2004 we sell NC-501V February.

With loading the hard disk of DVD drive and the TV tuner, and bulk, now the personal computer is becoming control center of foam/home entertainment. The picture of DVD appreciation and playback and compilation and the digital camera of music it takes in, furthermore the colorful contents of foam/home entertainment are accumulated to the personal computer e.g., TV program is videotaped in the personal computer.

NC-501V Net-Tune(R) System Protocol

* The Takasina rank which does not feel stress Net-Tune which actualizes data transfer (R) System Protocol

Image and the digital music data transfer/are controlled efficiently with respect to the network of Ethernet, it is communication protocol of the オンキヨー individual development which actualizes the operativity which is similar to the former AV equipment. Because it is optimized in sending and receiving of the picture/music data, to playback is smooth from selection of the contents. In addition, because the being connected of the scene is natural even with fast forward and the rewind, while grasping scene development, to play back, possibility, the scene which we would like to search finding directly it is possible. Quite, in the feeling which operates the DVD player, image inside the personal computer and it is possible without feeling stress to enjoy music comfortably.

Multiple server function

It manages also the contents which is the plural personal computer inside the same network with seamless, it is possible to utilize the abundant contents in the house effectively.

Multiple client function

It can connect plural NC-501V inside the same network. In addition, TX-NA900 and DTX-7 etc. of NC-500X and the AV amplifier which are specialized in music playback other Net-Tune (R) the corresponding equipment connection possibility, it is possible to choose the equipment which responds to purpose at the various room.

Being simple, the graphic design which is easy to see, is linked with the remote control button is adopted.

The Takasina rank picture by ハイクオリティサウンド and the D4 terminal by the VLSC circuit

In playing back the voice data of music and the movie, at the time of D/A conversion it actualizes Signal-noise ratio 100 d B with loading the individual circuit, VLSC which removes the noise which occurs completely expression reappears richly even to the minute signal. In addition, being to equip the D4 terminal, it corresponds to also the picture of high resolution of the hi-vision television.


5.It is possible to enjoy the force sound of 1ch. High quality it is developmental characteristic only of オンキヨー which is lined up to speaker system.

* Internet radio which can enjoy the radio in the world


Hardware requirement

(1) DHCP

(2) 100Base-TX Switching hub function

(3) Being broadband, the environment which it can access Internet has been prepared

(4) Net-Tune (R) at the time of Central use

OS:Windows (R) 2000/XP Japanese edition, CPU: Above Pentium (R) lll 800MHz,

メモリ:Windows(R) XP 256MB以上、Windows(R) 2000 128MB以上、



Audio corresponding format MP3、WMA、WAVE、Dolby Digital(AC-3)

画像対応フォーマット JPEG

Frequency characteristic 10Hz〜20kHz/±3dB(ANALOG OUT、IHF-A)


SN比 100dB(Ethernet → ANALOG OUT)

2V/200 Ω

PC interface(ETHERNET/100BASE-T)

Audio ×1 (RCA) and composite ×1 (RCA)

S video terminal ×1,



Quality quantity 0.73kg

Electric power consumption 5W (electric supplies safety method technical standard)、Ethernetケーブル×1(3m)、

RCA pin cable ×1 (0.8 m) Pin cable ×1 for image (1.5m)、、

AC adapter ×1, CD-ROM×1 (Net-Tune (R) Central recording),

Instruction manual, guarantee, customer register card


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Interesting - I have the NC500 and it works pretty well, addition to access video is what I need now - but want ability to view dvr-ms files from my Media Center PC - I was loooking at the Gateway connected DVD but might wait until this gets released, any insight into when this might come to US and if it will support MCE dvr content?
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