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Hello knowledgeable AVS community. Noob at the helm, be gentle.

I'm looking to upgrade my non-HDMI receiver. Movies/Audio 60/40. Heat is a concern. Had just about settled on new Onkyo TX-NR808 at a little under seven hund but after poking around a bit I found A4L which is selling the refurb NR3007 for about 8 hund. I like the Reon video processing on the 3007 over the 808 and I don't care about 3D - just bought the 2D plasma a few weeks ago. So I jumped (metaphorically) from the 808 to the 3007.

Then I saw posting for Pioneer Elite SC-37 on CL for about a grand - which is just a little higher than my comfort zone. (Guy says NIB with full warranty - I know that's a separate concern but I'm willing to put it aside for now.) Lowest price I found online for SC-37 was about $1500. Hard to resist Pioneer's top-of-the-line flagship for that price. Pioneer uses Marvell Qdeo video processing which has reviewed well.

I really want on-screen volume display which the Pioneer does not offer - but the SC-37 does come with a cool RF remote that I think displays volume, input, etc. -- I might be able to pitch the 4y old Logitech RF remote, although Logitech is pretty easy to work with and I suspect Pioneer's system for programming and using the remote is not as straightforward as Logitech's.

I could care less about the Pioneer's iphone capabilities, in fact I'm anti-iphone: I have a Droid X.

The biggest issue for me is heat. All my stuff is in a closed cabinet. I have a PC fan drawing air through the vented cabinet but it still gets a little warm. I have read that Onkyos can run warm. The Pioneer has these new-ish ICE amps that apparently run cooler. And I have an affinity for Pioneer audio stuff - my first receiver was a Pioneer. Also had an Onkyo many years back. Both worked just fine.

And that's about it. I wasn't even considering Pioneer. I had been thinking Onkyo all the way. He77 (avoiding profanity), I can get a refurb 807 for $399! Or a new 876 for $800! But the heat issue concerns me with the Onkyos.

What do you think? Thanks in advance.

Modest 5.1 system: Polk LC265i fronts (in wall), Polk LC80i rears (in ceiling), Hsu VTF3-Mk3 Sub, Yamaha RXV650 receiver 7 x 95W-no HDMI, LG 60PK950 plasma, Monoprice 4 x 1 HDMI splitter. Logitech RF remote. FiOS DVR. Sony BR.
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