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I am looking for a new receiver to upgrade to. I have a samsung 5271 tv I just got and I am updating my speakers to klipsch system. I am possiby going to do 7.1 depends when I get it all installed if I think I need to add the 2nd set.

I have been looking at the onkyo 705, I like that better then the 605 for the extra hdmi and also think I would like true dolby for the future. I am also looking at the 805 found a good deal on it better price then the 705, but they talk about how hot it gets and mine sits in an enclosed cabinet, so little afraid of that.

I have a couple different sonys I am looking at the 4300 or the 2100. They both have the true dolby sound for future and I like the graphics interface.

The onkyo is about 200-300 cheaper then I can find the sony. I actually havent heard either of these systems yet, but currently have an older sony that I have been very happy with.

My other components I have that will be hooking up to this is dish network receiver through hdmi and a ps3 through hdmi. Thanks for your help.
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