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Onkyo or Yamaha Recevier below $500.

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I am narrowing my decision on a new receiver between Onkyo and Yamaha. I am trying real hard to stay below $500and as far as Onkio I have found the TX-SR604 and I saw a TX-SR803 online below $500.00.

I have been reading on the forum and see many like Yamaha receivers so I looked those up as well, but there's so many its confusing. I found for example the HTR5960, Rx-v659 to be at around or below the 500 mark but none have HDMI, seems if you want HDMI in a Yamaha you have to go above $500.

My question is, should I go for the Onkio 604 which does have HDMI or is HDMI really not that important and I'm better off getting a Yamaha (or cheaper Onkio for that matter) with no HDMI.

Right now I am not running any HDMI equipment because my TV does not support it but I am planning on geting a panasonic Plasma and then run a DVD player and cable box tru HDMI.

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imo if you have no immediate need for HDMI get a good quality receiver and wait till HDMI gets implemented better. Their are still many problems with handshaking issues etc., and HDMI 1.3 is coming out in a few months so prices on these receivers should drop.

IMO the Onkyo 504 from shoponkyo.com is the best bang for buck receiver going at $159 including shipping. When and if you're ready to upgrade to an HDMI receiver you can ebay it and loose very little $$ if any or you could always move it to a bedroom etc for a 2nd system.
Thanks, i think that's what I'm leaning to.
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