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Is this the best setup I can get for $600? My total budget is $700 (but I need to allow for tax, shipping, HDMI cables, optical cables, etc). This is strictly for movie watching in a 13'x11' room and I will not be adding on or upgrading in the future.

Here's what I have so far through Amazon (sorry the forums won't let noobs like me post links):

Receiver: $200 Onkyo TX-SR308 5.1-Channel

Speakers: $300 Polk Audio RM85

Sub: $100 Polk Audio PSW10

Is this the best setup for $600 or do you recommend something different?

The other question I have is - would I notice a significant difference with the setup I have above over a $300 Sony or Onkyo HTIB? (The one thing I don't like about Sony & Onkyo's $300 HTIB are the passive subs)
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