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Onkyo PR-SC886 Firmware Update

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Trying to throw a hail mary here...

I've got an Onkyo PR-SC886 which I have had forever. I'm having issues getting a new Amazon 4K Firestick to work with my processor. I'm guessing it's some sort of HDMI issue, but I'm not positive. The stick works fine when directly plugged into my TV.

I'm still running the original firmware that came with the processor and would like to attempt an upgrade to the latest stable version.

Does anyone still have a copy of the firmware they could point me to? I've searched quite a bit and found some link references but they are long gone at this point.

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I had an 886 (and an 885, 5507, 5508...) and I'll bet that it's definitely an HDMI issue. You may be able to set the output of the Firestick to 1080P and get it to pass signal, though.
I have the 1.05 firmware. PM me.
That's awesome. I'll PM you...
I know I may be reaching here, but do you still have a copy of this firmware available? I tried PMing you but my user hasn’t met the minimum post requirements. Thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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