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Hi, all. I have an Onkyo TX-SR600 that is several years old. Lately I've been having problem with the audio on one of the inputs which comes from a digital coax from a Dish Network receiver. When I first turn on the unit and select a channel with analog audio the sound only comes out of my right speaker. In order to get the sound to come out of the left speaker I have to turn the volume up very high.

Sometimes that won't even work and I have to go into the receiver menu where you set the speaker level and turn the volume of the test "white noise: up really loud on the left speaker to get it to kick in.

I first thought it was my speakers or my cable, but I don't have that problem with any of the other audio sources connected to the receiver (one digital optical, one analog RCA). And the problem only seems to happen when the Dish channel is analog. When I go to an HD channel with digital audio I never have the problem.

I know it's not the Dish receiver because I recently upgraded my Dish receiver to HD and the problem happened with the old one and the new one.

Any suggestions on what it could be? Bad cable? Receiver going bad?

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