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Onkyo Receiver HDMI reliability question

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I have heard that Onkyo receivers Have a shady history with regards to reliability. the most often comment I saw is something about an HDMI issue. My own Onkyo receiver just kicked the bucket but to be fair it was probably 8 years old and it had a check speaker wire short or something not an HDMI issue and I never had any other issues with it.

My question is does anyone know if the newer models such as TX NRx9x are more reliable than ones were in the past? Have they fixed the HDMI issues and other common errors?

I have a very limited budget so Onkyo represents a lot of value in a ton of features for the money compared to other brands that I have seen.
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Onkyo was anything but shady about the past issues - they owned it and had a multi-year service program that many people were covered by.

With regards to current quality yes, those issues are in the past and the new receivers run much cooler. There are still occasional problems like with any brand but the systemic failures are gone.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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