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Onkyo S780 as a 5.1 system?

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I've searched and read through most of the S780 threads but can't find info about this.

I'm looking to get the Onkyo S780 and I know that it is a 7.1 system, but space in my apartment allows only for a 5.1 setup. Is it possible/advisable to use the S780 as a 5.1 setup by not using the 2 R/L surround speakers? (Use only the front R/L, center and rear R/L speakers for 5.1)

If that is not possible, any recommendations for a 5.1 system for about ~$300? I can get the S780 for about ~$320 shipped as a refurb. I prefer a HTIB as I am not an audiophile and really prefer something simple, and in black (LOL).

My setup is as follows (thanks to the research from this site)

Samsung S3241D - 32" LCD (will use optical out from cable DVR box to receiver)

Oppo 971H (will use optical out, but can use coaxial)

HTPC (will use optical out)

I will use this setup mainly for 60% TV, 30% movies, 10% music.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Yes, you can run it as a 5.1 system. Just don't connect the extra 2 speakers.
Thanks for the info, exactly what I needed to know!
to be clear, you should hook up the side surround speakers, and not the rear surround speakers for DD 5.1, DTS, etc.
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