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Hello everybody!

I'm currently in the beginning stages of planning out a big addition to our home (breaking ground spring 2020) which will allow me to finally have dedicated home theater room. The room will be approximately 17-18' wide x 25-30' long, no windows. ceiling will be 8ft high, although i could probably do 9ft if it will greatly improve the room.
I want an overall quality setup, but cannot break the bank as I have to furnish, get a solid projector, screen, etc. I'm deal shopper, and have already begun buying up materials for the addition, furniture, etc.
I have budgeted $1000 for the overall sound system, and picked up an Onkyo SKS-HT540 7.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker System a few months ago for $165, and a Pioneer Elite VSX-LX102 7.2-Channel 4K UHD HDR A/V Receiver for $200. This leaves me about $635 for wiring, maybe another sub, and other improvements, I don't necessarily have to use all of it though as I'd be happy coming in under budget if I'm still getting adequate sound. I plan to have 2 rows of seating, 4 seats per row.

I'm no audiophile, but I want the system/setup to sound good, loud, and immersive. I don't know if this speaker system is good enough, as I've read great reviews for it, but none of them were used in a dedicated room as large as the one I'm building, and I don't have previous experience with any of this. I know the speakers are ofcourse a great value, but that's it.
So I've now bought some speakers that will cost more overall and force me to up
So far, this is what I've got for total cost of $700:
A pair of Klipsch R-610F floor standing speakers
2 pairs of Klipsch R-41M bookshelf speakers
Pioneer Elite VSX-LX102 7.2-Channel 4K UHD HDR A/V Receiver

I still need center channel, atleast 1 sub, wiring, etc. I'm thinking I can do this for grand total of $1100-1200 maybe.

So coming full circle, do I go with the first setup, get a 2nd sub, and come in at around $600, or do I go with the 2nd setup, and painfully spend about $600 more, $1200 total.
Please keep the assumptions that 1) I want good sound, don't need great, unless the improvement will be night and day, and 2), I'm a pretty frugal SOB.

* other notes, if I go first option, I can probably resell the klipsch speakers for atleast $200 profit, making the first setup effectively cost $400. If I go 2nd option, I can sell the onkyo speaker set for about $100 profit, making the 2nd setup about $1100 total.
So really, 1) $400 vs 2) $1100.

I am open to other suggestions as well.

I know i'm asking alot her also, and I greatly appreciate any replies and help.


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^^^^ if you've decided on the receiver, then I'd post your speaker question in the Speakers Forum. Mention the receiver you have or are considering, your price point for speakers, and see what the recommendations are. This forum is for packaged systems and it sounds like you're going for separates. (which is really the best way to go). If you have an 8-seat theater then limiting yourself to around $1000 may not do justice to your setup.
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