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I've had the Onkyo SR-606 for a little under 2 months now. Up till now, this thing has been great, doing everything I want it to do. However, last night, it did something weird and troubling.


The Onkyo SR 606 is matched up with the Dayton HTS-1200b 5.1 Speakers. Also connected is a Xbox 360, PS3, and Apple TV all connected via HDMI. It connects to the TV via HDMI as well.

The front 3 speakers, i use the wire that came with the Dayton (thin speaker wire). The 2 surround speakers I use a pair of Monster speaker wire. ($10 at frys!)


Last night, I'm watching a movie via AppleTV, and suddenly the sound coming out of the speakers goes from normal to EXTREMELY LOUD Static noise. At first I thought it was the file itself, but its not, and checking it with Xbox proves that it made weird noises there too. I figured an overheat would have triggered the auto off, but i power cycled it anyway. After it powered back on, it seemed fine. Then 5 minutes later, it happened again, only this time it did power itself off, with a blinking red standby light. At this point i'm a bit worried so I turn it off and leave it off. It is in an enclosure but there is ample air flow, and it's been under louder situations for longer period of time than it currently was and it never had a problem before.

So i unplug everything, remove it from the enclosure, and set it out in open air. I plug everything back in, and just when i *think* its back to normal, here comes the static sound again. To give you an idea, if my volume is set at 20, it suddenly sounds like its set on MAX, and its taking the input and outputting it really garbled.

Then i think it's my speaker wire, so i unplug the thin crappy speaker wire and connect the rears that use the monster cables to the front. This does not solve the problem. Thinking it might be a HDMI issue, i also just run the tuner for a bit, and the problem persists there too.

At this point i'm just really confused. I don't think its HDMI because the video still outputs to the TV just fine, and it occurs under Tuner. It's not overheating, cuz it can do this while cool to the touch as well. Keep in mind that in all the times this has happened to me (i have left some tests out), it has only powered itself off once, the rest was all manual.

I have not been able to google anything close to this (this is no where near a slight buzzing noise). I'll try calling Onkyo Support tomorrow morning but anything you guys can tell me would be great.
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