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I have a Onkyo SR506 (UK model) which boasts amongst its features a A/V sync adjustment (lip sync audio delay) of 0 to 100 ms in 20ms steps.

Prior to purchasing a new TV which I want to use with existing equipment I've been experimenting with this adjustment but it doesn't appear to be working as expected.

Existing set-up, DVD player and terrestrial digital TV decoder both with their videos directly connected via SCART to the TV and with the digital audio connected optically to the Onkyo. The audio from the Onkyo is directly to speakers i.e. the video and optical paths are completely separate.

When I adjust the A/V (lip sync) delay from 0 to 100 ms. I can see no difference in the lip syncing on the TV picture with respect to the sound coming from the speakers.

I've not got the Onkyo in Pure Audio and I am not inputting audio via analogue, both of which don't have the adjustment option so is there any other limitation with the use of this function?
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