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I know it's an older receiver, think I've had it 7 1/2 years. But the last few months (I think) the receiver will just stop playing audio to one of the front speakers (LCR). At first I thought it was the cables, as if I unplugged banana plug from the speaker end it would start working..but now I'm thinking it's just coincidence. At first I thought it was just the left, but it's also the center and tonight it did the right. Seems to be just the cable (HD Comcast DVR) although we don't watch many DVD's. So to elminate the source, I went into the speaker level setup...sure enough no audio from that particular speaker. After going nutty with the wires. Turning off the receiver and back on seems to fix the problem, but not always after one power cycle, sometimes 2,3,4. And I think once it moved from left speaker to right before all 5 coming back on. And unless I'm hulicinating...I could have sworn one time changing the channel fixed it. Using digital coax from reciever, which I just replaced tonight with a new one from Monoprice.

I have 'nice' Monster speaker wire for the front speakers that I had got on sale 5+ years ago with pin banana's on them. I have two front speakers, they're floor standing Aritson's that create a center channel from an angled 2nd pair of speakers in each speaker. So I could understand if it was alway the center, as I have to plug two banana pins in to the center terminals.

Also, we just moved to an older house (1890ish), although it was just redone (although don't know about electrical). Could it be a power issue? Or is it just a sign that it's seen it's day? Although I really don't have the $300+ to drop on a new receiver (even though HDMI would be nice).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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