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Last week I've bought:

- Onkyo SR606

- QED Silver Anniversary XT cables with Airloc termination at the receiver side

- KEF 3005 5.1 speaker package

I've connected everything, turned on the receiver and started Audyssey automatic setup. But every time it gives me a "Speaker Detect Error", see below:

I've read some other topics that explain that you must not use the connections for "SURR BACK SPEAKERS" when you have a 5.1 setup. So I connected it like the picture below, which seems then right to me.

I've also tried to:

- Switch off "Surr back" in Speaker Configuration settings on the receiver

- Modify the speaker cable to speaker connection

But nothing worked until so far and the first screen keeps reappearing.

Any ideas what I can try else?

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Yo, vanDaal...

How is the Onkyo SR606 and KEF3005 pairing performing? Satisfying?

I need to know coz I'm planning to pair the exact components too.

Let me know, OK? Thanks...

BTW, I'm using Samsung too as my main HDTV, a 40"R71B, this coincidences point that I must trust your review.
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