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Onkyo TX-505, HK Harman AVR-147 or Pioneer VSX-917V?

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Hi guys,

So I just ordered the Micra 6 speaker system from Athena, and am also planning on upgrading the receiver.

The room I'm in is only about 12x12, and I will primarily using this to watch movies and play games. I'm not sure I will even be using the receiver to pass video, since it's just as easy for me to put the video directly to the TV. (I have a 40in Samsung LCD)

So my question is, what should I go with? I've narrowed it down to the Onkyo TX-505, the Harman AVR-147, or the Pioneer VSX-917V. I'm just concerned with quality, and am not really worried about certain capabilities, (such as upconverting, conversions, etc) However I will probably use this receiver for some time, so I'm thinking perhaps I should try and get something well rounded.

So basically, My main concerns are the Audio Quality and Video Pass through degradation. Please suggest what you think would be the best receiver for me out of the three.

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I've got the same concerns. In reading this forum, it seems as thought there are many HDMI issues with receivers, so when you buy any given HDMI receiver you won't be sure it will work properly with the equipment you have at home until you try it out. And what if you add a new component down the road and you have an HDMI glitch then (past the point on "no-returns")?

Is it better to get a good, interim receiver with adequate power and sound quality, rather than going for full HDMI capabilities at the moment? Even if you add an HD DVD later, can't you just connect the audio to the receiver via non-HDMI?
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