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I bought the 989 for two primary purposes:

a. Surround EX w/o an additional amp.

b. Component video switching of 1080i HD sources.

It appeared from the specs that the latter would be supported. Since my TX40X81 has different settings (and only two component inputs) for Progressive DVD 480p & HD (1080i on my set), I planned to route just the a DTC-100 (DirecTV HD) & a new Dish 6000 to the HD set component input on the set. This capability would help to make the high cost of the unit (not ignoring high cost can equal high value) more palatable.

UNFORTUNATELY, I've noticed significant noise in (particularly in the 540p non-HD channels = all the rest other than the two HD channels, and the HD channels look softer.

I think this unit is getting sent back & I'll look for a component switcher. I hope One Call is good about the return.

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