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Onkyo TX-LR-552

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Did anyone experience a problem with "live" speakers indicator lights not lighting-up (in 5.1 mode) on the front pannel to show which speakers are active? The sound seems to work fine, but no lights. If you had this problem, how did you fix it?

Thanks and Happy New Year!
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I think the lights don't normally indicate speakers - as opposed to the incoming digital audio stream.

if the DVD player is connected via digital coax/optical, and you see two lights (L and R) could be your DVD player is sending PCM Stereo to the receiver - check the player setup and set it to send raw or bitstream to the receiver

if there are no lights at all, it probably means you have connected the DVD player using the stereo analog connections. see if you can use a digital connexion instead

(the 5.1 sound being OK is testament to how good Dolby PLII/PLIIx is)
Hey SC, happy new year to both of you. :)

rzawada: Contrary to the manual, the unit does not have actual "live" speaker indicators. I think it is in the manual just to illustrate wich speakers are active with respective modes. So your unit is fine and there is nothing wrong with it. It would have been really cool if they did include this feature.

GED, likewise :) I suppose its no point asking if you've recovered form Christmas, since we're going into New Years hehe
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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