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Im new here and could not find a posting on my issue here, i tried looking for a while but found nothing.

I have a problem with calabrating my subwoofer with this Onkyo. I recently had Onkyo 609 and there my woofer worked great but with 1008 i lost "all" bass when watching movies.

So i wonder if someone would take time a guide me thru the setup of my woofer on this reciever, i am no expert in these things......i would rather say i dont now a damn thing about this.

So if someone will/can/would help me it would be great. I dont manage to find out anything about this in the manuall either.

I have used the mic to setup the reciever but my woofer is lame anyway. My gain on the sub stand at 11 and i can turn up the LFE gain on the reciever to max +12 and still it dont kick any spescially.

Regards from Norway..
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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