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I am considering upgrading my current Receivers with either the Onkyo TX-NR1007B, Yamaha RX-V2065BL, or Sony STR-DA4400ES. Currently I have the Sony STR-V444ES running Polk Audio Front RTi10s, Center CSi5, and FXi5 Surrounds with a PSW500 sub. The Receiver is ok, but it's 10 years old and the volume knob motor is starting to fail, plus I can't HDMI video through the V444ES and I hate switching the video on the Samsung 52" LCD we have everytime I change my source.

I have the Sony V444ES, and I like that the STR-DA4400ES looks totally customizable with a million inputs of nearly every type. I frequently temporarily switch Audio and Video sources around on the receiver (I'll play Xbox, but listen to the Cable). I like that, and I'd prefer to keep that type of flexibility. I have to loyalty to any particular brand. I've heard good things about both the Onkyos and Yamahas. The Onkyo NR1007B really seems to have more than enough power, inputs, and features that I am really leaning towards that. Can the Yamaha V2065BL or the Sony DA4400ES compete with it?

I will be plugging in my PS3 (solely used for BluRay), my Xbox 360 (gaming), Wii (gaming), Cable box (HDMI), we have Sirius radios and IPods that we may also hook up. This will primarily be used for TV/BluRay usage, we rarely listen to just music through the current setup, and I don't expect that to change.

Can anyone suggest which of those receivers would be best with my needs/speakers/usage? If anyone knows of a better one I am totally open to other suggestions. I would like to stay close 1000 bucks though.

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