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So i have had a small ongoing problem that has not bothered me too much as i dont use my 2nd zone that much but figure its time i look into what is going on.

I have a Onkyo TX NR3007 receiver that im currently using the zone 2 feature to play audio and video when the main theater is not in use in my pool room (mainly for TV watching). My problem comes in that when i have this zone enabled the picture on the second tv will stop displaying for about 3 seconds every 30 seconds or so. Its as if i pulled the hdmi cable and then plugged it back in, still get audio but no picture during this in and out. When i plug the second TV into the Main HDMI out port things work fine. the setup is as followed

Verizon box Qip7232 2 is sending the signal to the receiver over an HDMI signal into the Onkyo Receiver. From the receiver im using the SUB HDMI Port to transfer the signal to a Samsung 2333HD.

Any settings/configuration or place I should start looking to see if i can narrow the problem down? I know Verizon boxes don't like splitting an image however I don't have the projector on.

Any guidance or help in this would be greatly appreciated.
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