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2 questions:

1. Can anyone comment on the performance of the NR616 if they use it for audio only? No video use.

2. Are there competitors to the NR616 that have consistent and reliable HDMI switching performance?

The NR616 will be replacing my trusty 9 yr old onkyo and I plan to use it for audio only. I have an external HDMI switch for video so I won't have to deal with any of the HDMI issues that I read about. At the same time, it would be REALLY convenient to hook up the HDMI through the receiver as well.

I'd like to get some opinions on the audio performance only (as I suspect it will be very good for the money) and also some opinions on the alternatives. If there are other bullet proof alternatives that have similar specs/audio performance, perhaps I should consider them and ditch my external HDMI switch.
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