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I would like to hook up 2.1 in the next room. I want to use the zone 2 feature but can't figure out if I can get it to do what I want.

I currently have 7.1 set up in my main room (5.1 would be fine) with my plasma and ps4. This is our main set up. But I set up a projector in the next room with the second HDMI out but I want to add sound. I currently just use my ps4 wireless headphones with the optical connection. Works great for me, but I would like to have 2.1 audio to go with, just in case someone else wants to join. Would also serve as a semi audiophile listening room for music.

I know I can only have analog input for zone 2. So I was thinking of getting an optical audio booster/splitter (1 in and 2 out) and then use the second split with an optical to analog converter. Would hooking it up to the same input as my ps4 allow me to switch between optical and analog to be able to use zone 2?

Finally I want to use the line out for zone 2 and get a tube preamp and some tube amps to go in the other room. What would be the easiest way of doing 2.1 in zone 2?
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