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Onkyo TX-NR737 & Onyx DVD Player

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I just tried plugging in an Onyx DVD player in the Game HDMI port (#4) of the Onkyo TX-NR737. In the BD port (#1) I have an Xbox One, and in the HDMI Out port I have connected a TV. The DVD video plays but there is no sound. If I simply turn off the TV or if I unplug the HDMI out port, then I hear the sound from the speakers hooked up to the Onkyo TX-NR737 receiver. If I turn the TV back on and plug the HDMI cable back in, there is video but no sound. (The Xbox One doesn't have this problem -- it has both audio from the receiver and video on the TV. Also if I try a different DVD player I don't have this problem.)
1. I tried different HDMI cables, same problem.
2. In the Audio Selector menu, I ensured it was set to HDMI and tried PCM, DTS, and Auto. When set to PCM, PCM will blink on the receiver when the TV is on and there will be no audio but PCM will turn solid when I turn off the TV and then I will hear audio. Also, when I bring up the on-screen Audio Information popup when the TV is plugged in, it is "Analog." (I obviously can't check when the TV is off and there is audio :) )
3. In the Audio Input menu, the Game port is set to -- (other options are Coaxial 1, Coaxial 2, Optical).
4. I tried calling Onkyo support 3 times. The first time, the gentleman asked me to press Tone and Return to check the EDID, but when I do that, all I see is Treble or Bass. The second time, the gentleman asked me to disable HDMI ARC and then hung up on me while troubleshooting. And the third time, the lady asked me to enable HDMI ARC and said she would call back after checking why Tone and Return doesn't give the expected result, but I haven't received a call.
5. I tried plugging the DVD player into the BD port (#1), same problem.
Everything is connected by HDMI cables.

I am really puzzled why turning off the TV without disconnecting any cables would make audio come from the receiver speakers, and why it only affects the Onyx DVD player (a different DVD player doesn't have this problem).

Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
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