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Onkyo TX-NR801 DVD hookup question

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I currently have the DVD connected to the receiver via an optical cable (OPT1) & a component cable (INPUT 1) which is the way the manual shows and the Onkyo on-line hookup directions show. However, when we go to play a DVD, we can't just press the DVD button on the receiver. If we do that, we get picture but no sound. Once the picture shows, we then have to press the CD button on the receiver to get sound. If we press the CD button to begin with we get no picture. Any ideas on what I've done wrong? Might I need to change something in my Setup Menu?

Thanks in advance!
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Have you assigned the OPT 1 as your DVD source? You must tell the reciever that the OPT 1 port is dedicated to the DVD player. IIRC yo umust do the same for the viedeo section as well. Ihave the 701 and I do not send ANY video signals to the reciever.
Your problem is that the DVD is defaulting to another connection, probably the first coax one. All you have to do is pop into Setup and tell it that the DVD is connected to Optical 1, and you're good to go.

The reason what you're doing works is because the CD is defined as a no-video signal. You switch the DVD first, which changes the video, and then pressing CD changes just the audio. If you configure it properly, the receiver will switch both at once when you press DVD.
Someone else already suggested changing the hardware setup of my receiver to Digital Input = OPT1. It was set to COAX3. I just did that but I still had to hit the CD button for sound. Without changing it back to COAX3, I switched over to the satellite and had no sound. I had to go back into the hardware setup and switch it to anything BUT OPT1.

BOTTLEDZ28 - I'm not the techiest person around so please explain how you avoid sending video signals to the receiver. How does your DVD picture get to your TV screen? Is it a direct cable? Do you just bypass the receiver?

Thanks for all your help!!
I have the 702, but setup is similar. As others have stated, you need to assign digital audio inputs to the different modes you use (DVD, Video1, Video2, , etc).

I route my video through my receiver for simplicity, plus I was unable to notice a difference on my 110" screen when compared to video connected directly to my projector.

Edye, are you using a set of anolog RCA plugs for the DVD player in conjuction with the optical and component? The default setting in your 801 should be DVD input source is set to component video input 1 (like you have it) the DVD audio source is set to OPT 1( like you have it) what type of conection are you using to send a video signal from your reciever to the TV? Also, what DVD player are you using and are you pretty sure that all hardware configautions have been properly set?

Edye, I run my DVD players video signal straight to the TV. I am using a DVI-HDMI calbe for that. I also run my digital cable straight to the tv via a DVI-HDMI cable. Same goes for my PS2 via a component cable. I do not think there is any prove to this but I try to keep as least amount fo cables going to the reciever to keep it from working anymore then it has too. Plus(the biggest reason) I eliminate 2 extra video connections where the signal may me weakened.(the video(s) in to the reciever and a video OUT to the TV. My wife dont care for the 4 remotes on the table but all well. I was thinking of maybe changing this to simplify it all but it wont work if I am using the DVI cables.
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Just got off the phone with Onkyo tech support. He walked me through changing all the inputs and then clearning the receiver and re-doing the input settings. We couldn't get it working. I'm taking it in for warranty repair tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone for your help.
Edye, if you dont mind, get back to me on the warrenty issue. I'd like to know how you make in case I have issues withmy 701 down the road.
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