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I posted this in the official Owner's thread a little while ago, but no one has replied... thought I'd start a new post

I need some help with troubleshooting my TX-NR809; HDMI Out stopped working out of the blue... I finished watching Reservoir Dogs (DVR/cablebox) and turned everything off (Harmony 700). Less than 5 minutes later, the wife turned everything on to watch something, but alas no picture. Tested other devices, connections and cables, and all work correctly. Still no picture through HDMI Out. As a temp. patch, I changed the "Monitor Out" setting and switched the cable and input to "Sub-Out". Picture restored and all is "normal".

Does this sound like a HW problem and bad HDMI port? I recall when I had purchased this that the HDMI boards had some issues, but it was too good of a deal to pass up and I've been a happy person ever since. The unit is still under warranty and we can get by with the other "Sub-Out", but is it something that I should have the HDMI board replaced or serviced? Do they just go out, or would I hears/something if that is the issue? I don't know what else it can be as all else is working and it just stopped (no setting, firmware or other changes - just watching something, turned off, turned back on and no picture). Anyone have the board replaced and still have issues? Is there anything else that is possibly could be in setup that I am overlooking perhaps? Thanks in advance!

I should mention, I did just get a new Comcast X1 box, but I've been through its settings and it isn't the issue given the information above (I think)...
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