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Onkyo TX-NR828 DSX + THX Speaker Configuration

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Hey All, second post here... lets hope this one has more success than the first 

I am the proud owner of an Onkyo TX-NR828.  I am loving it.  Out of the box, I hooked it up as 7.1 with Surround Backs.  I experimented with PLx and PLx THX Cinema as well as THX Select2 Cinema.  I was a little underwhelmed by the THX Matrix's.  I had enjoyed on my previous receiver Audyssey Dynamic EQ and Volume- Light.  I am only allowed to enjoy reference volume while watching movies.  So Audyssey was a good solution for my needs.

After testing THX, I moved my speakers to the Audyssey DSX Setup with Front Wides.  I ran the wires down through the basement and hooked everything up.  I really enjoy the Front Wides setup!  I read in The Official Audyssey Thread that when DSX Mic Setup is completed, it seemingly decreases the surround channels by 3db.  I made that correction as well as increasing the fronts by 0.5.  Sounds great. It was at this point that I read in the manual that Audyssey EQ and DV could be applied to THX.  Now, lingering in my mind is what would THX sound like with Audyssey applications... So-

Is it possible to hook up Surround Back channels as well as Front Wide?  My, possibly delusional, thinking is if I could also hook up back channels, I could switch between DSX x Front Wides and then switch to THX on the receiver and use the Surround Backs.  This graph under the middle 9 speaker shows that Surround Backs and Front Wides can be connected at same time.  However, underneath it, you will notice it reads "Front high, surround back and front wide speakers

cannot be used at the same time."



Does that mean I can do what I want? Otherwise, what is the point of illustrating the different configurations?

Thanks so much!

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Bump, no thoughts anyone?

I spoke with Onkyo Tech Support. Was a little hard to explain exactly what I wanted to do, but once we got on the same page we made good headway. I explained I wanted to separately run both Audyssey DSX and THX. I currently have my receiver set up in Audyssey DSX- Fronts, Surrounds and Audyssey's Wides. I explained I wanted to add a pair of Surround Backs which would make my speaker count 9.1- but not all used at once. He asked why, lol. Told him I wanted to be able to run DSX and THX, not together of course. Was this possible. He excused himself saying he was going to the 'lab' to test it. When he returned, he said it was possible. However, I could not just select DSX or THX and have the speakers switched automatically. I had to first go into speaker settings and disable the wides then enable the rears, then select THX and the opposite for DSX. Perfect

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