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Onkyo TX-NR901 with a Wireless Network?

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My Onkyo TX-NR901 has the capability to be connected to a network, for use with Net-Tunes and Internet Radio. The manual states:

Although it's theoretically possible to use a wireless network, due to unpredictable performance, it may not provide satisfactory results, so a wired network is recommended.
Since I don't want to wire my house for a network, and I already have a wireless network, does anyone know how to make the "theoretical" connection? If it doesn't provide satisfactory results, I won't use it, but I'd at least like to try it. Thanks.

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I'd assume just configure an access point and run cat5 from the access point to the back of the reciever
For a short time I had my 801 connected to one of my wireless routers. It seemed to work just fine with net radio and MP3's off my PC. I know others have posted that they have had no problems connected via wireless. Just be forewarned that the net radio server isn't the best. I've experienced dropouts even when it has been hardwired. Just try not to immediately blame your wireless for the dropouts if/when they happen.

You need an ethernet-wifi bridge, such as the D-Link DWL810+. That box plugs into the RJ45 Net-Tune ethernet port and enables it to have wireless connectivity. Of course, your mileage may vary, and the performance is dependent on your network and internet access.

NVboy's assessment of the "net radio server" is not entirely true. The only thing that the receiver uses the central Imerge XIVA-NET server for is to acquire the lists of radio stations. Once you choose a station, your receiver is connecting directly to the internet radio station's server and it has nothing at all to do with the IRadio service.

I know of stations on the list that provide flawless streaming over very long periods of time. My favorite is Classic FM from London, which has a 32k Windows Media stream.

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This forum is GREAT! Thanks for all the EXCELLENT help.

I will look into getting the wireless bridge tomorrow. Thanks again!

Hey Guys-

Know of any great deals on the 801's or 901's at this time?

I know onecalls price of 599 for the 801.. is there any good deals out there?
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