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Onkyo TX-SR 705 Questions

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I want the 705 over the 605 for the following reasons:
  • 100 vs. 90 watt per channel
  • THX Select2 certification
  • DSD Processing
  • 3 DSPs vs. unspecified number
  • Phono input
  • digital output
  • 3 vs. 2 HDMI inputs
  • 7.1 pre outs vs. subwoofer out only
  • RS232
  • IR Input
  • 12v Trigger
  • Learning Remote
  • AudysseY MultEQ XT vs. Audyssey 2EQ

But I have some concerns/questions.

- Does the 705 have a lot of issues from owners like the 605 (buzzing noise, issues with some HDMI inputs not working properly, etc.)?

- I keep hearing how horrible Onkyo's support is. 1+ hour hold times, unfriendly tech representatives. Is this overexaggerated or true?

- I am worried about having an issue with the 705 and either not being able to return it to manufacturer, or being able to but having all sorts of shipping fees, etc.

- I would most likely buy off eBay since I can get a slightly cheaper price than any other place. Would you recommend saving the money versus buying it at a local store that you can easilly return it to if it has issues?

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