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Hi All,

I just set up Onkyo TX-SR313 (AVR) with Jamo A102HCS6 5.1ch home theater.

Onkyo has front USB (for audio files)

Connections as follows:

Satellite/Cable STB -> Onkyo (HDMI In)
Laptop -> Onkyo (HDMI In)
Onkyo (HDMI Out) -> TV
TV -> Onkyo (Co-Axial) - My TV doesnt have HDMI ARC. Just connected this coaxial in case I want to plug usb to tv directly (I do know I wont get true 5.1 if I plug usb to TV but just in case required).
DVD Player (old) -> Onkyo (RCA)

My STB video plays perfectly on the TV and audio on the Jamo 5.1

Same is the case when I play movies on my laptop.

However, If I change the source on onkyo remote to USB (the USB on the AVR) or any source (BD/DVD) other than the ones that are connected through HDMI (STB and laptop), the display on the TV goes to 480p and also, it is fluctuating and bad display. The display is bad but the audio from the USB files is perfect.

So, something related to connections but unable to figure out! I hope I would not need to send the receiver for replacement/repair!

I tried removing the coaxial and the RCA from the Onkyo to check if those are causing it but to no effect!

I have recorded the video (link below) of the display to help understand what exactly is happening.

All the help would be appreciated.
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