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I'm looking at purchasing a new budget receiver and I've narrowed it down to the Onkyo TX-SR313 and the Onkyo TX-8020.

The price gap of these two doesn't concern me as it's just $20 going towards a product I'll be using in the long term.

What I want to know is which one produces better sound and if it worth it to drop EQ settings for hdmi and surround sound?

Everything in my setup points me to getting the TX-8020 as I'm just using two bookshelf's and a future subwoofer in my room for my computer and turntable and I'm probably not going to add more speakers.

My computer doesn't even have hdmi so there is that too.

But if the TX-SR313 produces better sound quality I might go for it (the EQ settings are the main thing holding me back).

Also how long should each of these receivers last?

Yall should know I have not owned a receiver before so if there are EQ settings on the TX-SR313 tell me I know it's on the TX-8020 because of the knobs.

So to sum everything up the TX-8020 is the absolutely perfect receiver for my setup but the only thing holding me back is the chances of me upgrading my setup and adding things to my receiver. Price doesn't matter.

Any help is appreciated.
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