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Onkyo TX-SR600 and Vizio Vbr220

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I hook up a Vizio VBR220 blu ray player to my onkyo TX-Sr600, i used a hdmi from the player to the TV for the Video and a Coax from the player to the receiver for the audio.

I bought toy story 3 and it has a test for video an audio, it says that if i dont have an EX set up with a surround back speaker the audio will go to the left and right surround speakers.

The center, front left and front right are good, but when i test the left surround and right surround both come on, and when and want to test the subwoofer i doesnt come on at all.

when i watch the movie i feel that works so its not bad. how can i config my receiver so it works like its supposed to????

thank you guys and i hope you can help me!
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