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I am just starting to put together my first home theater system, and I am having trouble with my Blue ray player and receiver.

My equipment is:

Onkyo TX-SR605


Sony Blu-Ray BDP-BX2 (Best Buy exclusive) / Same player = BDP-360





I have DVR and Blu Ray player hooked into the receiver with HDMI cables. The Receiver is connected to a new Samsung LCD TV.

The DVR cable box works great.

When I play the Blue Ray, the receiver sends a great picture to the TV, but no sound comes from the receiver.

I have tried a lot of setting combinations in the Blue Ray set-up for sound, and nothing works.

When I plug the Blu Ray directly into the TV with HDMI - it works fine, the sound comes out of the TV speakers.

What could be the problem?

Is the Receiver and the Blu Ray compatible?
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