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Onkyo TX-SR702 on sale at Fry's

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Sale price $599 until 2-22, reg. $799 They also had the 602 for $399

That's about as low as you will find online, but from a B&M store. In this case, because of the weight, the shipping costs more than sales tax.
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If i'm not mistaken, J&R usually ships Onkyo for free, and has pretty decent customer service.

If you call them up, i'm sure they'll at least match if not beat the Fry's price. They've also got lower prices on both receivers that you mentioned.

I'm wondering if new models are due out soon since competition on the Onkyo's seems to have gotten fierce recently.
For the same money, you could get Pioneers 1014 a great THX certified receiver that is worth every penny and more. J&R has been knocked for their service by some here, but I have never had a bad experience from them. In fact they have been good to me. They have fast shipping, nice prices and free shipping (most of the time). It's a joke what CC charges for items even when they put it on sale can't come close to J&R.
I will gladly pay more to see the factory sealed box before buying and tranporting it myself. Shipping something this heavy by itself is risky, something could get loose and fail a year later, not to mention getting damaged and have to send it back and wait another two weeks. Buy it at a store and have it up and running the same day. And if I don't like it, take it back and get another and have it running the same day.

The lowest price is not always the best value.

The 1014 does not work with any of my dish boxes.
I fully agree with you Glenn_L. I don't particularly like ordering based on price alone. The only reason I mentioned J&R was because i've gotten great service from them in the past ... everything's always been doubleboxed, and most of the time Onkyo Receivers ship free. I've never ordered online from them, always over the phone, and usually the salesperson over the phone was fairly knowledgeable. I've never had to return anything, so I can't vouch that piece of it. When I bought my receiver a few years ago, I picked J&R since they were listed as an authorized online retailer through the Onkyo site.

I've had horrible experiences from other online sellers though, but then again depending on the salesperson, i've also had less than stellar experiences at Frys. My last trip (a friend was getting a receiver) resulted in working with a pushy salesperson who really didn't know the products all that well.

You can't beat B&M convenience though, we did end up getting a receiver at Frys, and a few days later wanted to exchange it, the B&M made that very easy to do.
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The Onkyo 702 is also THX Select certified.

I went to my local Fry's this afternoon to take advantage of this deal, only to find the Onkyo 702 marked $699. A sales rep checked the computer twice but found no $599 deal to be had. Additionally, I checked the Sunday paper afterwards and saw no mention of the Onkyo 702 in either of two Fry's ads.

Is anything special needed to obtain this lower price? Or is Fry's simply limiting this discount to certain parts of the country?

I'd love to get this deal before it expires tomorrow, so please respond soon. Thanks in advance for any replies.
I did not see it in the paper, I only saw the stores prices and the display tag said prices good through 2-22?

I had to return mine because of a problem with the component input and 480p that I posted in another thread.

When I was there tonight, I saw they now had the Yamaha 5790 on sale for $499, so I got one to try out. That was the lowest price I had seen on the internet.

I don't know if every Fry's has the same sales?
The sales aren't always the same, some of the offers are regional.

They've been having frequent sales on the Onkyos though. Jcandrews, have them check both colors ... I was in there a few weeks ago and the 502 was on sale in black but not in silver (maybe I got that backwards).

I've noticed that their sale prices go up and down frequently, so it might be worth your while to keep checking.
Tell them that you saw it on sale at the Fry's in Burbank over the weekend, maybe they will honor it. Or have them call the store to verify.

I have had a chance to try the 5790 now. I must say I like it much better than the 1014 or 702 in sound quality.
How would you describe the difference Glenn_L? What are the advantages/disadvantages of each? I'm thinking of getting a new receiver (my Onkyo is a few years old), and was considering the 1014 since everyone is raving about it, is the sound quality much better on the 5790? I'm less worried about bells/whistles that i'll never use, and more concerned about overall sound.

I feel the sound from the 5790 is richer with my system. I am running large fronts and felt there was better range than the 1014. The sound from the 1014 sounded harsh. I also never liked any of the programmed sound fields. I like some of the processing on the 5790, especially the THX Cinema with movies. Or course your speakers and room may sound different.
Onkyo 702, $590.06 shipped from 6th Ave Electronics!
Thanks for the responses, Glenn_L and intence. I went back today and confirmed that they cannot match prices for different sales districts, so no luck on getting the Burbank deal. (By the way, the black was the only one discounted. Silver was still priced at $799.) However, Dallas is doing the $499 deal on the Yamaha 5790, so the news isn't all bad. They were out of stock at the store I visited, but I'm going to check another on the way home tonight. I'll definitely snag one of those if I can find any left.
The Yamaha is a great deal at that price. I was thinking of upgrading, and the Y amaha wasn't on my list, but now i'm thinking maybe I should consider it. I was trying to decide between the Pioneer and the Panasonic XR70 (trying to see what all the "digital' fuss is about), but I think i'm going to take a long hard look at the Yamaha.
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