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Last night, I was messing around while watching an HD channel on Direct TV and set the receiver to Pure Audio mode. I was surprised to hear sound coming from all 5.1 channels. So, I got on here and looked up some threads. It seems that this is how it should work, as signals to all channels are just passed through by the receiver without any DSP.

Now, to me the sound was pretty good. Surprisingly, it closely resembled the receiver's DD THX Cinema mode. I actually thought the surround sound was clearer and had better spatial dynamics in Pure Audio (e.g. a bullet ricocheting from right to left in the background was more easily pinpointed). Now, I admit, this could be due to an improper calibration and the fact that Audyssey is disabled in Pure Audio. I've often thought my rears are a bit too quiet, just been too lazy to get the mic back out and recalibrate. Regardless, I found Pure Audio mode to be quite satisfactory. However, when I switched to Multichannel (which is what I use when watching HD content from my PS3), it sounded horrible. It was much harsher and louder. Even when I turned the volume down, it almost sounded like the center channel was being played through each speaker. I was a little confused by this.

So, today I popped Star Trek into my PS3 to do some further testing. I set the receiver to Pure Audio, and, once again I was surprised. This time, though, it was because only 2 channel audio was being played. I checked all my settings on the PS3 and it is correctly outputting multichannel PCM. Now, I'm even more confused.

So, why would a 5.1 signal from my Direct TV box get passed through in Pure Audio and not the lossless 5.1 signal from my PS3? Also, why is it that Multichannel sounds fine with my PS3 but sounded so bad from the Direct TV? I've read though several threads concerning Pure Audio, and I hope I'm not beating a dead horse. I'm just a little curious. Thanks.
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