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I'm worried that my research may have failed me and that I may be attempting the impossible.

I'm trying to get a Yamaha YSP-1100 working with my Onkyo TX-SR805. I've only been able to get anything to play over it by using the 805's pre-amp L/R out, though. I had hoped that the optical out would actually pass audio out to the YSP, but I can't seem to get anything to happen, either with HDMI sources or analog sources.

Am I trying the impossible? Does the 805 only send optical out if the source is optical in?

The manual has a nice flow chart for video paths, but nothing for audio. I'm also noticing that analog inputs aren't getting their audio sent out the HDMI, either.

I'm really hoping to not have to return the YSP-1100, as it'd be ideal for our arrangements, but will I be able to get this to work at all?

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