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Hi all,

Here is my situation. I currently have TX-SR805 in the theater, but I also have TX-NR708, which is going for HDMI repair at Onkyo (so I'll end up with two working Onkyo receivers).

In my situation, which one would be a better receiver?
- I don't use receiver to amplify the speakers (yes, I know, processor would be better, but that's what I have). Both receivers have preouts. Rotel RMB-1075 is the amplifier.
- I don't use receiver for decoding/encoding - I use Oppo BDP-93 for that, but I do run video switching through the receiver between Oppo and OTA TV tuner. I don't see a problem with HDMI running through receiver, but let em know if there is one.
- Display device is Panasonic PT-AE4000U, so no 3D (and not planning to upgrade it in the foreseeable future).
- Theater is used for 90% blu-ray movies, 5% TV and 5% music. I may stream movies from NAS, but it would be very rare.

My understanding is that 805 has individual DACs for all channels, but it's older than 708. Not sure about video processing chips and how they affect the video. I very rarely upscale, but both use Faroudja DCDi.

Let me know your thoughts!
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