Logistics don't necessarily the most exciting news, but there is an undeniable shift in the world of AVRs and pre/pros now that Onkyo has issued a notice that Onkyo USA Corporation is no more. A letter that was sent to dealers noted the termination is retroactively effective beginning July 29, 2020. Voxx, owner of Klipsch, set up a company called 11 Trading Company that purchased all of Onkyo USA corporation's assets.

The letter sent to dealers cites "recent changes in the world economy" for making this "strategic decision." Notably, Onkyo and Pioneer and Integra warranties will continue to be honored by the new entity.

It remains to be seen what the full impact of this new alliance between Onkyo and Klipsch will bring. However, if I were to take a stab at predicting the future, I would say that you will see Klipsch speakers paired with electronics from these brands in future marketing.

Klipsch also sent a letter to dealers asking Onkyo dealers with terminated agreements to apply to the new 11 Trading Company for new agreements. the letter anticipates that with this move, Klipsch will be able to offer "a vast and complete audio solutions portfolio in the Americas."