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Haven't been able to find any reviews of the UWL-1 so this post may be in vain. Essentially I am debating between purchasing a UWL-1 or AW-1 to wirelessly stream music from my laptop to my stereo. I already paid decent $ for the Airport Extreme so I am not so interested in buying Airport Express just to stream music. Also I found a review that said AW-1 was a better streamer than Airport Express (although this review was a few years old).

The Pros/Cons as I see it:


AW-1 allows you to use USB or headphone jack output.. so you can swap it out from a laptop to another source. AW-1 has reviews.

Onkyo says it streams uncompressed music. 30 meters range means I can take my laptop anywhere in my house without an issue.


AW-1 sound quality seems to be OK at best

Onkyo has no reviews *at all* that I have found and I wonder if streaming in 2.4ghz will interfer with a wifi network.

Both AW-1 and Onkyo are a few years old.. I am more than surprised that there aren't more up-to-date attempts at this, let alone a category killer...
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