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Onkyo video pass through HORRIBLE

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I have a base level Onkyo TX-SR304. I've been using this unit for about half a year yet without any issues.

Surprisingly, for the first time today, I decided to plug my Wii and my Xbox into the receiver, instead of directly into the tv (both via component). I then used a component out to the TV (Pio 5080).

Wow. Looks just HORRIBLE. I mean, the video was just terrible. There is video noise across the entire screen -- almost static-like fuzz over the entire image. I plugged either or both back into the TV and it is crystal clear.

Can anyone suggest what my problem might be? Is it just a faulty unit? At the time I purchased this, I thought it was rated very well. But wow, this video pass through just looks like absolute garbage. I hope I'm actually doing something wrong.
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OK, after doing some more research, I:

1) Plugged the receiver the Wii and the XBOX into the same power strip.

2) Swapped the component cable from the receiver to the tv with a new one.

There was a very minor improvement. But, the receiver still introduces video noise (or what looks like static/snow evenly across the entire picture).

Any ideas?
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I'm sorry to bother with what's probably a simple question....
Your TV is obviously doing better video deinterlacing or scaling or whatever it needs to do than the AVR. If you want good video you can do one of three things:

1) Connect to TV

2) Use a good quality component switch with enough bandwidth to not impact the signal.

3) Get a better AVR with better video processing which preferrably deniterlace and scales to the TVs native rate.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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