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Hi everyone. Ok, so I had people give advice on another audio forum but nobody could decipher this or find a solution. Here's my specs:

Onkyo 605 (not original owner)in a 5.1 speaker setup. 2 new polk R50's, center and rear speakers are old sony HTIB cube speakers (6ohm). Onkyo has about 1'' clearance on sides. 7'' clearance behind. 6'' clearance on top. After running for hours, the front top/right area feels warm, but not too hot to touch. (just as a temperature example)

PS3, Xbox360, Wii, AT&T uverse HDDVR cable box, SONY A2200 HD tv.

Setup paths:

PS3 (fat) and 360(pro) - both using individual HDMI cables ONLY (audio+video) out to Onkyo

Cable box- Optical out to Onkyo. Componant cables to TV

Wii - RCA audio to onkyo. Componant video out to TV

Onkyo - HDMI out to TV.

So here's the "initial" issue. I picked up this onkyo (used) before xmas. Hooked it up for the first time after with everything. While watching cable, at some random moment, I hear a faint click (not quite the same as the "handshake pop", but yes, I have that also whenever i'm jumping sources), and the screen blinks once, almost too quick to notice, and the audio drops off completely for just over 1 second before coming back at the exact same volume as if nothing happened. I also noticed this while playing games on the 360.

Sometimes I will not get this at all during sessions, sometimes while watching tv or a recorded dvr show, I will have it happen every few minutes to the point my wife wants me to throw it away figuring I bought a piece of junk.

Jumping to around February, I have not seen this issue occuring anymore on the 360. The issue is still VERY common while watching cableTV, and happens usually every night. HOWEVER....I have not noticed the video blink/flicker happening. ONLY the audio drop/recover. I cannot figure out what the cause of this is.

I do NOT have any speaker hum. I DO get maybe once a week, an audible pop from JUST my 2 rear speakers, but i'm not sure this has any bearing on the audio drop. (I experienced this rear pop with the panny receiver and figure these guys are just a little beat up and need to be replaced soon. There was NEVER a audio/video flicker with the panny)

I have never had ground loops or anything. All is running through a decent surge protector/ground filter. (cable wire filtered through also)

I checked the serial number with onkyo on their website and it says it doesn't need any firmware update. (i'm not sure if that is just "general" or my unit might need something that wouldn't be included from that list) Newb to receiver firmware updating info.

So with the issue of the video flicker not happening anymore (or not visable by my eye) I'm feeling it's an onkyo issue, and not a seperate componant. I wanted to take it in to a local audio repair center, thinking maybe a capacitor is swollen/leaking, or a chip is overheating, seperate firmware fix, and they could fix it, but they refused to look at it. Also, the ONLY authorized onkyo repair center in my city has TERRIBLE reviews and servicing history, so i'm am hesitant to bring it there. I'm hoping this issue can be remedied through other users advice and experience.

Thanks everyone!
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