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Is there an Internet service that uses the same format as below to display links?  Google had the bright idea to get rid of end support for their "Shared Items" service without providing a suitable replacement.  Its possible to use facebook/Google+ to do something similar, but has some issues which aren't acceptable; such as showing unrelated information not related to the links.


Just looking for a website that display almost identical format as the below picture; and, all you need is a google account (or maybe facebook)




I've seen some blog websites, but didn't see anything where it's display in the same simple "preview" format for each link (with picture html preview) and login with with my google account.


Alternatively, Im looking for an Internet service that can deliver RSS feeds to my email address; providing full inline html support to display a an HTML preview without having to click on a link to see what's on in the link.  I tried FeedMyInbox, but, unfortunately it doesnt support inline html graphics for each RSS link delivered to my inbox.
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