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I own and have been pleased with a Harmony 610 remote, but the need for more devices caused me to replace it with a Harmony 620. However, I have an issue with the screen that displays when I press the "More Activities" button on the 620.

On the 610, when I press More Activities the display shows a title and 4 different activities per screen (I'd like 6, since all other screens show 6 selection options, but 4 is ok). The selections correspond to the left/middle, left/bottom, right/middle, and right/bottom buttons. But on the 620 it only displays 2 activity choices. One activity that can be chosen with both the left/middle and right/middle buttons, and the other activity that is chosen with the left/bottom and right/bottom buttons.

Am I missing a setting to allow the 620 to function more like the 610 and display more activities on each selection screen (I already have the option set to use 6 buttons on both remotes).

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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