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Only one chair in your room - what would it be

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If you were building your theater with just one seat in mind, what would that one chair be?

I'm asking because I'm considering some different seating options, and if I don't do rows of theater seating, I want to be sure that 1 seat in the room is the absolute perfect seat for the number 1 user of the room - ME!
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I have a Berkline 70022 in my office. It is a huge single recliner (it is basically 4 feet wide! I love to have my kids come to the office and climb in that chair with me). While it isn't a traditional theater recliner, if you wanted to do individual recliners, this one is nice.

Lazy Boy. If you can only have one, you want the best.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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