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I've had my 47LG50 for a couple of years now and it's been pretty good all told. Two nights ago I turned it back on after it'd been off for about an hour and for the first time it started randomly popping up a flickering message along the top of the screen. The message had a long rectangular box on the left saying 4:3 in the bottom corner and "No program information" and what looked like an empty time display "--:--" and talking about the source and a smaller box on the right showing the input (in this case, HDMI1). I'm not even sure how to get this message to appear on purpose.

Pressing the "enter" button on the actual TV makes the message either stop (and stay steady on the screen) or go away, for a while. Sometimes it stays off for a long time, sometimes just for a minute or two. (I've also tried unplugging it and waiting a few minutes, to reset it.)

Any suggestions? What might be causing this? And more importantly, how can I stop it? Not particularly fun having a TV you have to get up and touch every few minutes...
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