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Open call for D-VHS morale support for Military Member serving overseas

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I am an officer in the United States Air Force serving at a remote location in Belgium. I own an HDTV and a DVHS deck, and it is impossible to find any live HDTV signals or pre-recorded media here. Thanks to a few sites that will work with me, I've been able to order D-Theater tapes via the APO mail system.

I would like to make an open call to all AVS Forum members with access to DVHS tapes to contact me. I would like to get ahold of HD content recorded onto DVHS tapes (like TV shows, etc) that I can use to show the few other Americans that work with me at my site. Most especially, I would love to be able to see a taping of the HD broadcast of next week's Super Bowl.

Any support you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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Hi drvais:)!!!

I am in the PA Air National Guard's 193rd Special Operations Wing and would love to help out a fellow military/AF guy. I have a JVC 30K DVHS unit and the 169Time AVX-1 setup with an RCA DTC-100 modded with firewire.

I have some tapes of a bunch of movies (not really any TV shows though) and a few D-Theater tapes as well. I can record the Super Bowl for you, even though I am in a state of depression because my Eagles choked once again for the third time in a row of making it to "The Show".

I know what it's like being deployed to some remote location and getting HD withdrawal from lack of programs overseas:( I am willing to help you out if I can. I don't have an enormous amount of time lately, but I'll do what I can.

Email me at [email protected] to discuss your plans.

Good Luck over there and thanks for serving the USA:)!!!
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Thanks Dave! Anyone else is welcome to contact me as well. I really appreciate any and all support.
I get all the networks here in Chicago. Let me know what shows specifically you are looking for.
The best channel I have here is CBS (CSI, CSI: Miami, Cold Case, Without A Trace). In the fall, CSI: New York will arrive.

Let me know if I can help out.
D'oh. I haven't heard back from DHarp193 since his post. :( I don't suppose anyone actually taped the Super Bowl, did they?

Hey, I sent you an email a little after the post, didn't you get it???

I did tape the SB for you. Send me an email and we'll discuss the shipping fees, etc.

I was away all last week on business, that's why I haven't been in touch until now.
No, I guess my filter ate your email. :( Awesome though!
I don't suppose anyone recorded the Oscars on a tape that they wouldn't mind letting me borrow, did they?
Yeah, sorry about that Robert:(. It never dawned on me that the Oscars were on ABC until I was setting it up to record, and then realized I couldn't because my darn lousy local ABC station doesn't broadcast in digital yet:mad: Come on WHTM, what's the holdup???

Anywho, I hope you get someone to loan you a tape, it'll make me feel a little less guilty anyway. I should have realized that sooner.

How's the SuperBowl tape? How do you like "Janet";)!!!
Hmm, that Janet thing sure seemed planned to me.

So, no one taped the Oscars in HD??? :(
Originally posted by drvais
Hmm, that Janet thing sure seemed planned to me.

So, no one taped the Oscars in HD??? :(
Hi sevais!

The Oscar presentation lasted more than 4 hours. I just missed the first minute or so of the opening 30 minutes which ran from 1700 hours pacific time to 1730. The main show ran from 1730 to about 2113 hours. Because I do not have tapes longer than 150 minutes, I recorded the whole thing on one of my hard drives. I am now removing the NON-HDTV commercials to shorten the total time. I hope to be able to cram the net on to 2 120-minute tapes. I would be willing to make 2 tapes and send one to you so you and others can enjoy the show in HD. I am on Social Security and cannot afford the shipping charges, but perhaps you know someone who might be travelling to Belgium to take the tapes to you. My email address is [email protected] . Feel free to write to me directly.
Just a quick FYI for everyone:

It does not cost any more to send a tape to me in Belgium via the APO system than it does to mail a package to New York. All of my mail is actually sent to New York, where the military picks it up and eventually gets it over to my location. Priority Mail is really the only way to send stuff over here, as anything less can take well over a month to arrive. Additionally, the system is not set up to handle Express Mail over here, so it's just a waste of money.
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