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Hi everyone.

Thought I'd share my current project ...

I've already posted a detailed thread about my setup, which can be seen here:


Since then, I've made some changes. I've built a new HTPC and, upgraded the home network to gigabit and I recently got myself a Harmony One to control everything to name a few.

Now for the main point of this thread: Moving all the equipment (AVR, set-top boxes, VCR, Blu-ray player) from the living room to the tiny storage room where the server and htpc currently reside.

Why? you might ask .... well, to reduce the clutter in the living room, and more importantly, my 5 month old son will soon be able to crawl around and I don't want him to mess with my equipment

This project is in progress ... I'm currently waiting for some cables I ordered and some more stuff I need to finish this. I've been preparing the storage room by re-organizing the equipment already there and adding some more shelf-space for all the equipment which will be moved in there.

Before pictures:

Living room:

Storage room:

After pictures:

First I got me one of those so I'll be able to control everything from my couch once it's been moved to the storage room:

Storage room:

As you can see, I've re-organized everything and added a lot of shelf space below the computers which is where all the equipment from the living room will go.

You might also see the 20" Dell monitor which is attached to the wall. This monitor is connected to my server, and I only use it when the remote desktop connection is not enough :) A 20" Dell might sound overkill for this purpose, but in all fairness, it is a bit broken ... the backlight makes a loud buzzing sound, but by turning down the brightness It's almost not audible anymore.

Luckily, this monitor also has S-Video/Composite inputs which means I can hook it to the AVR and be able to see what's going through my setup right from within the storage room.

Anyhow ... I will add more information and pictures once this project progresses, currently I'm waiting for some cables and stuff.

Any input welcome :clap:

UPDATE - After pictures

Well, finally had time to update this thread.

The project is finished now, sorry no progress pictures, but here is the final product:

Living room:

Equipment room:

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