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Opinion on Samsung DVD-VR300

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I'm looking for a new DVD recorder VCR combo machine. Our VCR is not working and I'd like to get a DVD recorder, so I'm looking for a combo unit.

I'm wondering if anyone out there has a Samsung DVD-VR330 machine and if they like theirs. What are the positives and negatives you see in this machine? Any major problems with them?

I've heard that some people have trouble playing the DVDs they burn in the Samsung on other machines other than Samsungs. Is this true? Is it possible to play the DVDs on other machines if you do everything right?

I'm seriously considering this machine, like some of it's features and the price is pretty good. It seems the editing is a little easier/better than the Panasonics, it can copy in both +/- unlike the Toshibas and is cheaper than the Sony's. I also like the chase play feature.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Originally Posted by trailrunners
Is it possible to play the DVDs on other machines if you do everything right?

I have to ask anyone thinking of buying a combination unit, what they will do WHEN (not if) the VCR part breaks? Or the DVD part? To me, none of the options make sense.

Also, if you are thinking of copying any "protected" video tapes (MacroVision), a combination unit typically will not let you do this. Some have come to this Forum after buying a combination unit and ask how they can make such copies only to find out they can't (without buying another VCR).
That model is a few years old & I was looking at a Refurbished one for my daughter because it was only $99 but I can't remember why I passed on it?

But I did buy a Panasonic DMR-ES30V Combo unit from a board member here instead & it's really the one I wanted to get her in the first place.

On the ES30V YOU CAN HOOK A VIDEO STABLIZER TO IT to copy store bought Video Tapes to DVDs.

On Panny models only the Original 2004 DMR-E75V & the 2005 DMR-ES30V can do this. On the newer Panny's you have to use a seperate VCR to do it.

When it comes to Panny Combos I would stay away from the 2005 ES40V that replaced the ES30V when Panny added a DVI Input to it because it seems to have been thrown together & there have been a lot of problems with it.

If I was you I would try a post here & see if anyone might want to sell you their Panasonic DMR-ES30V maybe you'll get lucky like I did.

The person I got the ES30V from took care of it & when he shipped it to my daughter she told me it looked like it was brand new :) & I think most people around here take care of their gear & are not out to screw anybody.

All I know is my daughter is "Thrilled" with her ES30V & has been dubbing over a bunch of Video tapes with it, so that's all that counts to me :D

Wish I could remember why I passed on the Samsung 300 but I know it was for a good reason & it wasn't playback compatibility it was something else :confused:
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Well, I made a mistake with the model number. I meant the DVD-VR330 not 300. Maybe that will clarify things. Also, I plan on using this model to transfer home videos. I won't be transferring many if any VHS tapes other that home videos. I don't have a movie collection so the worry about copying copyrighted material is not an issue.
Don't know anything about the 330 but if you don't get any help on it with this post I would try a new post with the correct model number.
Well, I have the 335. It is okay with some caveats - (1) No disc memory and (2) Digital Audio Dropout atleast once every 45 minutes when watching DVDs.

I have only recorded 1 DVD from VHS, and it appeared to function and work OK although I was just doing very basic tests of the unit.........
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