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Was interested in these 2 products, and wondered if anyone had success or experience with them on VGA monitors, and LCD HDTV sets via the VGA port. Do they eliminate lag issues, or cause more lag for games? Is the visual quality using one connected to a VGA port on a HDTV better then using the composite or s-video jack on the HDTV, for things like old game systems (X'eye,Pc-Engine,Nes,NeoGeo) and Laserdisc? I couldn't locate any reviews for them online, so hoping someone here has used them maybe and could offer up a opinion and info.

Monitors I would be using them on would be a Sony Multiscan 520GS VGA monitor, and a Toshiba 26LV610U 720P HDTV.

Ultra Video to DVI VGA Converter Scaler~1280x1024 Pixels Digital Out

Pro Video to XGA Converter Switcher Scaler + NTSC TV tuner
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